Embark on a journey with Frazy Designz, a streetwear brand that draws inspiration from the spellbinding universe of psychedelia. Our designs seamlessly fuse the calculated elegance of geometric forms with the organic fluidity that emanates from the depths of our designer's imagination.

At the helm stands Ryan Pietraszek, the artisan who transforms his creative essence into clothing and products that encapsulate the boundless energy, vitality, and liberation inherent in music's rhythm and on the dance floor. Ryan's artistic journey extends beyond mediums, revealing boundless potential and the capacity to mesmerize you at any moment. Armed with a photography degree and a background in graphic design, his dreams extend to producing live visuals for DJs and designing immersive installations at music events across the nation.

Join the Frazy movement and keep an eye out for our brick-and-mortar store making its debut in the future!